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AMAL offers comprehensive IT consultancy to both large and small companies.

Whatever your IT requirements whether it's installing a complete network from scratch, new security software to protect your patents or setting up a network for your home-based employees - AMAL offers the complete IT Consultancy package.

Our IT consultants will provide a comprehensive, documented review of your business IT requirements; purchasing recommendations; installation and staff training; the installation of reliable IT security software; plus on-going professional support, computer maintenance and emergency assistance either by phone, office visit or with our remote fix virtual on-site support system.

We have a wide range of experience with many software and hardware solutions. We will ensure that you will get the right solution to your problem.

AMAL continually evaluates the latest in hardware and software products as they become available and offers advice on the suitability of off-the-shelf solutions for the requirements of your company.

A quick call, can provide you the solution you've been looking for.

We also provide consultancy on

  • Compliance & IT Governance
  • Windows Administration and Automation
  • Windows Recovery & Availability
  • Enterprise Monitoring


Our IT consultants will discuss the computer problem with you and will offer you the most cost effective solution.

Gone are the days when IT played a supporting role to a business organization, now IT drives the business. Investing in the right IT Infrastructure and maintaining it effectively is of paramount importance to organizations, more than ever, to maintain their competitive edge. Technology is changing so fast that an organization needs to invest continuously to stay on top. Outsourcing your IT service needs is a practical remedy. It enables you to focus on enterprise core competencies, while using external resources for peripheral development, maintenance and testing

AMAL has been providing high quality, cost effective, SLA driven Infrastructure management services and 24/7 support. It has the required capabilities to design-deploy-manage any kind of IT infrastructure, an Enterprise or SMB client may require, adhering to ITIL standards. Our rich experience and immense success in terms of customer retention, excellent availability of systems make us the right partner to entrust with your mission critical IT infrastructure management. We are also an ideal choice if you employ a multisourcing strategy to meet your requirements as we have successfully worked on numerous engagements in a multisourcing environment in the past

Our organization is engaged in undertaking Computer Annual Maintenance Contracts. We have a team of expert professionals, which are engaged in providing effective maintenance service. Our services are offered round the clock to solve any kind of problems related with the computers. Availing our services, there is no requirement to invest in house facilities maintain the office infrastructure. Hence, huge amount of capital can be saved. AMAL pass on the full discount that we get from all hardware and software license purchases from our partners to our customers with IT support contracts.  Our IT support technicians are all fully-qualified Microsoft professionals with years of IT support experience.
The salient features of our Annual Maintenance Contract are listed below:
 Option of Comprehensive / Non-comprehensive AMC /In-house Engineer:

  • Comprehensive AMC includes parts & service
  • Non-Comprehensive AMC only service is provided excluding parts.
  • In-house t engineer is provided with on-site support 8 x 5 or 8 x 6 or 24 x 7 basis.

Desktop / Laptop / Printers Support:

  • Preventive maintenance provided three times a year
  • Problem diagnosis, support and problem rectification
  • Diagnosing and resolving the problem according to the severity assigned to it

Server OS / Management / Administration:

  • Installation of server OS patches/upgrades as & when available
  • Managing user accounts such as creating, modifying, deleting users and groups
  • Re-installing the OS or latest OS
  • Backup of servers as defined in the AMC contracts
  • Orderly server start up and shut down of servers
  • Periodic preventive checks performed on servers
  • Resolving server breakdowns with the highest priority

Anti-Virus Management:

  • To ensure automatic updates and scans periodic checking of the anti-virus tool are happening as scheduled
  • Any errors are resolved

Email and Internet Management

  • Administration of mail servers

User account management:

  • Creation, updation, deletion and maintenance of user accounts
  • Monitoring performance & mail queues
  • Implementation / management of Internet usage policies

Network Management:

  • Ensuring high availability of networks at all times
  • Identifying LAN faults & getting them resolved

At Amal, we understand that, any software is of no use to a customer if customer resource is unable to use the software thoroughly and when needed. To use the software thoroughly, the resource that will use the software should be trained properly on various aspects of the software like architecture, re-configuration, report generation and customization etc. Our mission is to provide a thorough technical training which should help customer reap benefits from its investment.

Our trainers are consultants and specialists who have deep hands on experience which they have earned by working for many years with various customers and individuals.

As the market leader in software license compliance solutions, Amal IT Solutions Software empowers application producers to implement a broad spectrum of licensing policies – from up-front enforcement to a more liberal trust & verify approach.  Producers are able to:

  • Enable flexible monetization & licensing models–stay competitive by quickly altering monetization models across products and tailor the models for various market segments, geographies, etc.
  • Offer mature monetization models for SaaS applications–many producers are developing SaaS applications and require sophisticated, mature solutions to implement the required monetization models the market demands for such solutions (e.g., pay-for-overage, pay-for-burst, pay-for-use)
  • Ensure that you get paid for every copy of your software–prevent anti-piracy and licensing abuse across all geographies with in-product protections.  Automate back-office operations that ensure license compliance to streamline internal operations (i.e., reduces the costs of audits) while ensuring all potential revenue is realized
  • Adapt to changing market conditions–the ability to sense and respond to changing market conditions is a significant competitive advantage. Doing so accurately requires keen insights into product use to ensure fact-based decisions are possible

Amal IT Software software license compliance management solutions support the latest licensing models and the back-office automation to manage a growing software business, enabling application producers to generate more ongoing revenue from customers.

Whether you want to overhaul or expand your infrastructure, start from scratch or upgrade a part of your IT architecture, we have the skills to help, whatever your vendor preference. Our Network Assessments provide you with an objective second opinion and first step in building an effective internal IT strategy for your business.

Servers, PCs, software, routers, switches, email, firewalls, printers and more – every part of your network should be pulling with your business: supporting and expediting your day-to-day functions while giving you the agility and scope to change and grow quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.
Our highly qualified engineers have vast experience in assessing differently configured, mixed-vendor networks. We use this know-how to conduct an objective review of your entire infrastructure, assessing its design, performance and resilience and measuring how well each of these capabilities can meet your organization’s current and future requirements.

Depending on our findings, we’ll then make a set of impartial recommendations on the best avenues forward in terms of effective changes and enhancements. And from there, depending on your needs, we’ll set to work, making the improvements your network needs using products from best-in-class vendors so you can leverage new efficiencies and add value throughout your organization. Whatever the project, our aim is simple: to deliver the flexible, high-performance network you need to optimize uptime, control costs and turn your business plans and goals into reality.

Amal IT Software and Hardware Support and Deployment Services research assists software and hardware vendors and providers in developing, marketing, and delivering support services. Recurring service revenue, to put it simply, represents some of the most profitable and sought-after dollars for technology providers. By subscribing to this service, clients will gain greater insight into best practices for operational efficiencies, competitive positioning, and strategies for using support services to drive revenue and new technology sales.

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